arthur pizza



My Name is Arthur and this is my personal website. It can be verified by links from my Mastodon. I used Linux computers to work, create art, and produce videos and music. I want to stress that these opinions I have should not be reflective of any business or organization I’m associated with. I only speak for me, as a person in this realm.

I’m a Leftist - I push for better infrastructure for everyone and support systems for those in need. We need to tax the rich and make healthcare free and accessible. Racism, sexism, and bigotry should not be tolerated. I’m queer and nurodivergent.

About this Website

I work with WordPress for my day job. Because of the techical debt that comes with running a WordPress I’ve decided to build this website with Hugo. I was using Jekyll for a few years but Hugo is a lot more modern. The low cost of a static site mean that the hosting is cheap or free and that it can be built and deployed on my Linux and Android devices with little effort.