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Bicycles and Hugo Themes

Getting ready for the move and it seems like I’ve been packing and cleaning forever. We knew this was how it’s going to be, with two homes that require a lot of work. Ether directly or indirectly I’ve been pulled off of my creative outlets. I blame my neurodivergency on all that. I over fixate on somethings, and avoid the goals. It’s quite madening.

Side note, I did finally learn my way around Scribus. That of course sent me down a rabithole of looking into the world of Zines. Another, awesome concent I can’t imagine having the time for. Definitly was a jolt into the creative juices. My brain is a tingle 🌩.

Stupid Sexy Bicycles

Bike Seat

I have literally no time and no money. So of course I bought a 12 speed road bike for $15 from a neighbor. Now I have goals for this bike. It’s in need of some serious work but I wanted something simpler than my electric bike. Potentially this would be a my long distance bike. My ebike only really has a range of about 20 miles.

Here’s some images of the old crusty bike:

Popup Image Popup Image Popup Image Popup Image

Ignore the mess

This hugo theme that is setup here (as of writing) is a work in progress. I don’t really have a seperate git for it yet, as I’m doing most of the development on my blog git.

There’s a lot of functions and styles I need to hammer out but the core should be fully funtional. Including the RSS. However, if you see any issues with this site, that’s not CSS or other style related, feel free to hit me up on my Mastodon.