arthur pizza

Making This Website My Homebase

I’ve kind of let my home site sit in the dust while I focused on other things like my YouTube and PeerTube channel. I think it’s time that I give my website the priority status that it deserves.

I recently updated to the Hugo Stack theme, and I’m going to be building out this website with all my goings on. The daily updates will still be posted through the Mastodon, but this is going to be my central home as this is really the only domain I truly 100% own.

In the last year or two, I’ve watched all the commercial social media sites crumble, and I really don’t trust giving my authoritative keys to these proprietary platforms, knowing that they could easily be shut down in the name of profit. Even though I have a much higher trust for the Fediverse, and Fediverse compatible forums like Mastodon, a website that I control with Hugo and Git, is going to be something that I have control over.

As of this post, the site is kinda bare bones with no SEO or modules setup. I’m hoping to not only original content on here, but also links and transcripts of my videos.

More to come.