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How to Crosspost Like a Champ

I’ve been crossposting on BlueSky and Mastodon for a minute and I want to share the lazy way I’ve been doing it.


Getting the Software

First you need two applications.


In Debian it was easy to get set up. For BSKY you need to fist install the Go Language.

sudo apt install golang

Once Go is installed you only need to run:

go install

After that it’s as simple as:

bsky login [handle] [password]

You might want to generate a app password for that. You can do that from the BlueSky webui.


Getting toot setup is even easier.

sudo apt inst	toot

Just run toot login and it’ll walk you through the authentication process. Toot is a much more mature program. It even offers a full TUI.

Bringing it all together

Posting on both CLI applications is the same.

toot post "here is my message"
bsky post "here is my message"

You can see how this woule be easy to run as a funtion. So I simply added to my .zshrc

gripe() {
    bsky post "$1"
    toot post "$1"

Now posting is as simple as:

gripe "I ate a burrito today"