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Why the Fediverse Is Winning With Only 10 Million Users

Twitter has 238 million daily active users. By comparison, the fediverse only has about 10million daily active users.

One of the major differences between Twitter and Mastodon lies in their business models. Twitter is a commercial platform, which means that it is driven by the need to generate revenue for its shareholders. To do this, Twitter must constantly attract new users and keep them engaged. Mastodon, on the other hand, is not a commercial platform. Its goal is not to generate revenue, but to provide a space where like-minded people can come together and share their thoughts and ideas. In this sense, Mastodon’s success should be measured not by the number of users it has, but by its ability to build a community of engaged and active users.

Another major difference between the two platforms is their approach to content moderation. Twitter has faced criticism over the years for its inconsistent and often ineffective moderation policies. Mastodon, in contrast, takes a decentralized approach to content moderation. This means that individual instances (or servers) can set their own rules and policies for what is and isn’t allowed on their platform. This has led to a much more diverse and tolerant community on Mastodon.

One of the things that makes Mastodon unique is its open-source nature. This means that anyone can contribute to the platform and help make it better. This has led to a much more dynamic and innovative community on Mastodon. In contrast, Twitter is a closed platform, which means that only a select few can contribute to its development.

Twitter and Mastodon are vastly different platforms with different goals and metrics for success. While Twitter may have more daily active users, Mastodon’s success should be measured by its ability to create a vibrant and welcoming community of engaged users. The success of a social media platform is not just about numbers, but about the quality of the community it creates.