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If You Can, Tip More!

Last night I had a Lyft ride home from my Tuesday night meetup. I meet some local nerds as we chat about machine learning, the fall of social media, and other silly topics over delicious BBQ. It’s a lot of fun but after moving to Orange County it has become a bit more work to get to and from the restaurant.

I took the but to get there.

Total $3.25 and just under 90 minutes.

To get home I could take the bus, however it might take a little over 2 hours as the bus lines start to slow down.

I decided to take a $30 Lyft ride home.

After chatting with my driver I ask if he felt comfortable telling me how much he was getting for the ride.


Let that sink in. Lyft was taking 66% of the money and the Lyft driver was doing all the work and had to pay for the vehicle and the gas.

Fortunately I had a bit more money then usual so I felt tipping him another $10 was the only reasonable option.

Not everyone will be willing to say how much they’re earning but it good to keep in mind that in the age of the service industry it’s probably a lot less than they deserve.

Tip More

If you can spare it, that is

We need to do our best to stand up for our fellow workers.