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Passwords with APG

I believe APG stands for Automatic Password Generator. I’m not 100% sure but I believe it’s installed in the Default of Ubuntu and Debain Linux. If not you can always just run:

sudo apt-get install apg

By default it will generate 6 passwords.

KayRoowlUv8 (Kay-Roowl-Uv-EIGHT)
yeibfigsOis6 (yeib-figs-Ois-SIX)
wofJect6 (wof-Ject-SIX)
UzCyibShycs4 (Uz-Cyib-Shycs-FOUR)
Vafkarag9 (Vaf-kar-ag-NINE)

This includes the verbal pronunciation of the password by default.

I like to run the command:

apg -m 16

This will give you a minimum character count of 16. Personally I like to store my passwords in a spreadsheet. Weather you want local files or cloud based spreadsheets from Google or Microsoft is up to your discression.


Recently I’ve begun using

apg -n 12 -a 1 -MNCl -m 16

This makes a 16 character password that is easily copy and pasted but still very powerful. To save time you can script this.