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Cyanogenmod add service to make 'textsecure'

TextSecure Our communication is being listened to. We know this already. It’s a fact of life these days. A lot of us don’t encrypt our communication. I personally send unencrypted mails and SMS messages every day.

Most people don’t encrypt any of their communications. Encryption is hard to understand therefore hard to implement. What if we take the hard work out of the hands of the common user? That’s exactly what Whisper Systems and now CyanogenMod Inc. are doing.

“By leveraging this for our TextSecure implementation, we can extend the encrypted messaging functionality to nearly any SMS application you decide to use. Your messages to other CM or TextSecure users (regardless of iOS or Android) will automatically be encrypted and secured. In the event your receiving party isn’t on CM or using TextSecure, the implementation will silently fall back to a normal SMS message (unencrypted).” —Ciwrl

Hopefully this project will be expanded to other forms of communication like the audio visual messaging framework known as ‘Layer‘.