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The awesomeness of ADB

Installing ADB on any Ubuntu based system is as simple as adding the ‘android-tools-adb‘ package. You can also add the package through the command line:

sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Once installed you should make sure your cellphone ‘Android Debugging’ is switched on. Then it’s as simple as:

sudo adb devices

This should find and mount your phone. This opens up a lot of awesome options like the ability to push and pull files from the phone. You can use:

adb shell

To open a minimal shell window into your hardware. Here are some quick examples I use:

adb pull sdcard/downloads/happy.jpg ~/happy.jpg
adb push ~/Downloads/movie.mp4 sdcard/Movies/

When you’re done just a quick:

sudo adb kill-server

Unmounts the hardware. From what I can tell you can only use one device per session. However their might be much more advanced steps I’m missing. Hope this gets you started.