Hey, It's an Update

From the 24th of November, 2021


I finally got around to updating this stupid thing. I kinda got it in my head that I was going to migrate this site to Hugo but it just never happened. It’s such an overwhelming process and I’d rather struggle with the weirdness that is Jekyll for now.

What Happened in 2020/2021

So I’ve been out of the loop. When the lock-down first happened I was inspired to work on all the projects that I’d put off. However, depression had a different plan for me. Instead I stopped going outside and gained weight. Now that 2021 is almost wrapped up I’m just now starting to crawl out of my shell but I’m still struggling. It’s a process and I’m still moving forward.


I’ve migrated my PeerTube to Tilvids. They’ve been super supportive on helping me have a federated home for my video content. It’s a community built around entertaining but informative videos and there are many like-minded video creators there.

My YouTube channel has become monetized. I just recently passed 4,000 subscribers. I’m bringing in a little bit of money but not enough to quit my day job. Looking into possibly re-branding the site for better SEO and developing a unified style guide for videos moving forward. These changes will probably happen at the beginning of 2022.


I’ve started a patreon. Currently I have 4 awesome supporters.

I’m forever grateful for them.

That’s it for now.