Broken Headphone Jack

From the 3rd of July, 2020

I’ve kept this phone in almost perfect working condition since I bought it in 2016. It’s the OnePlus 3t. This is a great little phone with fantastic specs. Especially from 2016.

I use the headphone jack quite a lot. I listen to music when going on walks, I use my headset to make calls hands free so I can use the keyboard, and I also use my phone as a microphone when I record videos outside.

Recently the phone has had issue staying connected to the headphones. At first it was only the microphone but recently it started effecting the headphones. Unable to record or make phone calls is bad but without headphones it is completely done. I think the jack is just so warn down from the use. The USB-C port however is still going strong which is a testament to the design of USB-C.

I debated finally upgrading the devices but it works great in every other way. Picking up cheap USB-C to headphone adapters seems to work. However the ones I picked up are terrible. I have a new, higher quality version coming in the mail next week. Hopefully this will let me get a few more years out of this phone.