Fixing Things

From the 28th of June, 2020

It took me long enough to finally get a few important things fixed on this site. I finally have an RSS that is working. I don’t think it goes far back enough, but I’ll see if I can update that in the near future. Since I’ve last published I’ve really gone head first into using Vim as my default editor. Not just for writing code but for creative writing as well.

I’m planning some cross content. I’ve been making videos for about 12 years now and I really want to get that element implanted into this site in a way that’s a bit more elegant. Right now it’s just links or embeds from I think there is a way to use this platform to enhance the videos and also be a homebase for all of my creative tools.

The next post better be some fuckin’ content, Bro

I got the basics of the SEO working on this site. We have meta descriptions which should help for discovery. I’m actually going to be writing more regularly even if I resort to voice to text to pound out my thoughts that are worthy of publishing.

Don’t you hate it when people just seem to post about their plans on posting. It’s like they never actually go through with it.