Posting More

From the 3rd of August, 2017

I really want to start posting more often on this site. I’ve probably have work things like this in the past but I really need to build up my writing skills.

I’m going to use this opportunity to lay out best practices when it comes to building tech related content.

Building the Story

  1. Status Quo - Explain how the platform exists now and maybe point out some limitations. This helps the perspective of the novice user know what your target audience already knows.
  2. The Presentation - Now that the audience is all warmed up it’s time to wow them with our now innovation or solution.
  3. Wrap up - Now we can bring bullet points on how this helps remedy the issues presented in section 1. Using literal bullet points is totally acceptable​.
  4. Citations - Unless this was completely​ homegrown make sure to cite where the viewer can get more information to cover anything that was left out.

Bonus - After the release of the content into your platform make yourself available to connect with your audience.

I wrote this a few weeks ago but I have yet to follow-up when it comes to my comment.

Seriously, I need to do better

I know my actual readership is very small. I’m leaving this as a message to myself. If anyone wants to keep me in check feel free to bug me on [Socal media] (/about/).