Too Much Hate, Too Many Fucking Nazis

From the 14th of August, 2017

The shit that went down in Charlottesville, Virginia is absolutely horrifying. All this time I believed we lived in a peaceful Society but the truth was I was just living in my own little bubble of security.

These despicable white supremacist and American Nazis have been here for years. Hiding in the background waiting for their moment to come out.

It’s absolutely fucking shameful.

I don’t want to be a person who lives in fear of his fellow man, I refuse to let fear control me. I know there’s good in a lot of people. There was a lot of people who are standing up for what’s right and unfortunately they became the victims of violent attacks. We must not let their sacrifices go in vain we must keep pushing forward. We must not let the Nazis win.

Trump is a coward. I try not to get too political on this little blog but sometimes being quiet is a form of violence in its own right.

I joined the protest when Trump was elected. I was in Los Angeles. I joined the March for science in Long Beach. I will continue to stand who I believe is correct. I will not let ignorance and hate control The Narrative.

The state that our country is in right now is all of our faults. Some of us it’s for doing the wrong thing and some of us it’s for not doing enough of the right thing.

Never again.

Okay. No more politics. Back to our regualarly scheduled tomfoolary.