Beware of ChromeOS

From the 23rd of May, 2016

You’ve feared it for years. It was only a matter of time.

Google has taken over our communication, our navigation, our information, and now it’s going to take over your desktop computer. No one will be spared in the wake of total and complete domination. As predicted in the classic George Orwell book 1984, big brother is here and his name is Google.


It started out innocently enough with a free mobile operating system; Android. Finally the poor and disparaged users lodged onto a Windows versus iOS landscape had an option. A third option that liberate them from the walled gardens of Microsoft and Apple.

Then came ChromeOS what seems like a simple web browser on a computer with no applications. It was quietly slipped into the hands of our children. (That’s right, OUR CHILDERN!)

Was this a form of social control?
What is a form of manipulation?
Was this a form of brainwashing?

In the interest of journalistic integrity I cannot speak out on these matters, but off the record I will say yes. Yes it was.

The truth is that the Google Play Store is the Trojan Horse that will eventually give Google full control of everyone’s desktop. Whether you’re a Mac, Windows, or Linux user will not matter. No matter what desktop you’ve invested in, what ecosystem you’ve invested in, the Play Store will infect everyone. The same level of adoption that Chrome browser has secured will only be copies by the reign of the Play Store.

May god have mercy on our souls.