Hard Livin’ in the Country

From the 5th of February, 2015

The View


Yeah, I know about hard county livin’.


In fact, I just spend damn near 24 hours in the meanest most manly parts of Centeral California… Visiting my girlfriends mom.


Tellyouwhat! That’s hard county livin’. How hard?

Electric stove hard.

You city slickers don’t know how good you have it. Have you ever tried to make an omelet on an electric stove? I haven’t but I hear it’s hard.

Spits, Tips hat, Mosey

It was even too cold to hop in the hot tub cause of the low 60° temperature in the morning. Getting online? Forget it, all they have out there is AT&T. I could hardly update my Twitter. Now that’s hard livin’!

Well there you have it.

Spits, Tips hat, Mosey, Hard liquor for lunch

I know know what hardcore cowboys have to go through every day.

Rides off into the sunset