The Long Beach Comic Expo (2014)

From the 1st of June, 2014

The Long Beach Comic Expo (2014)

Took some awesome pictures from the Long Beach Comic Expo. Headed out there with my friend Kayleigh and my new friends Meisha and Bearrett.

Unlike the big ComiCon that happens in San Diego this one was only $20 for both Saturday and Sunday. However it turns out that you don’t actually need the tickets to enjoy the convention. In the main ballroom tons booths ranging everywhere from artist to comic store vendors are all kind of packed in there. Most of the commotion has spilled out of the Ballroom, into the lobby and out in the courtyard. No ticket required. Most of the costumed heros pretty much stayed out of the ballroom.

This was my first experience at a comic convention and I enjoyed myself immensely. I’ll definitely be attending more of these in the future but I’m not 100% sure if I’ll actually buy a ticket.

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