Google/Starbucks WiFi a Pretty Big Deal

From the 13th of April, 2014

It seems like a small thing but there is a huge difference between a terrible internet connection, like the kind you’ll find at the average McDonald’s, and a powerful connection like the kind that Google is rolling out to Starbucks.

I had my first taste of Google’s newest step in global domination and it comes in the form of free WiFi with (Gasp!) decent speeds. If you’ve ever used most free WiFi spots they have become somewhat of a slow and sometimes unusable mess. Most of the time I just connect to my cellphone and tether. Even in a poor connection area it’s still generally faster than what most establishments offer.

I know there is no requirement for a business to give me access when I visit. Even McDonald’s terrible free WiFi is a perk that we didn’t have until a few years ago but the internet requires much more bandwidth than it did years ago. Even though a lot of places try to encourage people to disconnect for at least a little while it has proven to be a valuable asset that a lot of us look for. Free WiFi is good for business. I will actually seek out this Starbucks for the access if possible.

The only thing left to do now is to cycle off that unhealthy processed muffin and sugary drink knowing that without the overpriced good I have consumed Google’s WiFi allience would not be possible.

You’re welcome.