The Bluetooth Problem

From the 25th of April, 2014

So I bought myself a solid bluetooth keyboard from It’s actually a really nice piece of hardware. But I have very real reason to believe that my Bluetooth dongle that I connect to my desktop is faulty. With a bit of tinkering this keyboard works swimmingly on my cellphone. In fact I’m writing this with the keyboard logged into wordpress through Chrome. I think this is a case of poorly written drivers. Again.

There is probably one one solution. I’m going to have to buy a more reputable brand bluetooth dongle for my desktop. However if my notion is wrong and it simply becomes a Ubuntu has problems with bluetooth type problem I’m going to essentially be throwing away money.

There is not a lot on the table to this gamble. However buying a dongle that works with this cheap but well made keyboard and finding a solution for others who want this level of quality for cheap it might just be worth the gamble. Especially if I end up getting a ridiculously smooth setup out of it.