I hate you, 90s kid

From the 8th of March, 2014

Once I was sitting with a friend going through old pictures. In the mix of old traditional photo paper photo there was group of terrible ink-jet printed photos. For those too young to remember there was a time when digital cameras were popular and people still needed to print those images from their home printers to share them. This is before social media and most people didn’t have their email accessible on their mobile phone. In fact most didn’t have mobile phones at all.

Upon finding these photos my friend mentioned to me that in the future people will know when these photos were taken only by the crude ink-jet quality and budget office paper stock. It really was a very small window of time during the late 90s and early 2000s.

We as superior creatures like to think of dogs as simple creatures without even the slightest understanding of time. I’ve heard that if you leave a dog for 5 minutes or 5 hours they might not really understand the difference. Whether or not that is true about dogs doesn’t matter when you think about your own perception of time. Looking through my old photographs (Thanks to the scary powerful Picasa/Google+ archive I’ve built) I realize just how fast time gets away from me. We truly have no idea how much time has gone by until we look back. Take time to look at your auto-backup photos and it’ll blow your mind that things you think of a just a few months ago might actually be a few years ago.

TL;DR You’re older than you’ve ever been and now you’re even older.