Everthing I know is Wrong

From the 7th of February, 2014

Just a few days ago I switched from the Qwerty layout to the Dvorak keyboard standard. I’m still quite slow at typing but on day three I feel quite competent in my progress.

For my personal needs Dvorak is superior. Even as I click away at about 7-10 Words per minute I can tell that Qwerty lacks in design and efficacy. I’ve been typing Qwerty for almost 20 years and all I can think is:

The way we type is wrong.

I know that a statement like that is purely opinion but it feels like a metaphor for life. A lot of life decisions seem to be made not logically but as a compulsory expectation.

In the last few years I’ve learned a lot about the science of diets. By measuring my caloric and carbohydrate intake I lost weight. By learning about Ketogenics I’ve learned to keep the weight off effortlessly. Even though there is a ton of science supporting ketogenics the majority of doctors and dietitians do not recommend it.

The way we diet is wrong.

We live in a culture of mass consumption. When I was younger I would dream of owning a huge house and filling it with anything and everything I could ever want. This consumption culture made me want thing just because I felt those things would make me happy.

Material items will not make you happy!

I don’t need most of that shit. I’ve adopted a minimal lifestyle. By removing the clutter in my life I can make room for things that make me happy.

Dvorak might only be an alternative keyboard layout but it feels like it’s part of a bigger pattern. An almost zen-like alternative philosophy.

Live life simply and logically. Make the path that’s best for you.