The crazy schedule

From the 21st of December, 2013

For the last few months I’ve been working two part time jobs. I work for a SEO company in the morning and Disney in the evening. I was recently promoted to a full time position at the SEO and soon I’ll be quitting Disney to focus on my new full time position. Things have become slightly complex lately. The holiday season means more work at both jobs and that comes with tighter commutes. Here is a rundown of my average work day until I quit Disney.

When I wake up at 8 am I have about 30-40 minutes to shave, shower, and brush my teeth. Half the time I walk to work, and when I’m feeling lazy I’ll take the very convenient bus to my first job. I start usually around 10am.

2pm. I hop (if I can) on the 2pm bus to the V.A. hospital. I spend about 15 minutes and then take the 50 bus to Disneyland. This bus takes about 1 hour to get to Disney. I usually hop off the bus at 3:30-4:00pm. (Traffic is rarely that bad). This usually gives me time to grab some food and hit the wardrobe before making my way to my clock in point.

Most shifts I work start at 5pm. Though I’m scheduled until 11:30pm I usually clock out at 11. Thank goodness.

If I’m lucky, I’ll take the 11:40pm bus back to the V.A. and connect with the 12:30 bus back to my house. If I get off later I might be stuck with the 12:50am bus back to the V.A. There is no bus to my house at 1:30am. At that point I take that 40 minute walk home.

Having two jobs is kinda hard. It’s worth it.